Modula warehouse management system for the electronic and software industry

Since 1991, Computec has been offering systems consultancy and assistance for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Strengthened by the experience gained in the information systems sector and driven by a constant passion for technology, specialized and certified consultants guide the customer in choosing the most suitable solutions.

Goods safe and tracked with Modula automatic vertical warehouses

Computec presented the need to compact the warehouse where the electronic components used in information systems are stored and to manage orders.

With the installation of two Modula in the warehouse department, Computec has achieved high picking performance, while recovering floor space .

The goods are safe and tracked by the management software which, in addition to administering the orders, returns all the in/out movements of the stored components in real time.

The Modula warehouse is based on the concept of “goods to man” avoiding any danger for the operator; in fact, the external drawer is offered to the operator at the ideal height and the mobile console facilitates the typing of commands.