Industrial Automation Supply

Modula warehouse management system for the electronic and software industry

IAS is a company supplying electrical components for automation based in New England. IAS offers a wide range of electrical components, from Motion Controls to terminals and sensors.

Manage multiple orders at the same time thanks to Put to Light

Management of the IAS warehouse was exclusively manual. It took the operator a long time to search for materials stored in the warehouse. They often used ladders to reach the topmost shelves, increasing the risk of accidents in the process. Following an increase in volumes, the current warehouse became too small and the company had to consider investing in a move to a larger building.

With the installation of a Modula vertical warehouse, all IAS’ warehousing problems were resolved. The trays were fitted with slotted tray walls, separators and dividers which allowed the precise subdivision of products, and also optimised management of materials of various sizes. Operators were now using Put to Light to manage many more simultaneous orders, in a way that was quicker and more accurate and thus allowed several orders to be prepared by a single operator. The Sliding Console assists the operator during the intensive picking phase. It can be moved around the picking area and removes the need to return to the Copilot Console to confirm the operation.