Modula warehouse management system for the electronic and software industry

Martini Srl is a company in San Donà di Piave, in the province of Venice, founded in the early eighties and deals with civil and industrial electrical systems and electromechanical constructions. In 2018, on the basis of the experience acquired and the know-how relating to the KNX standard, certified worldwide, Martini launched the new DOMIT brand – Domotica Martini Italia – to offer the best system solutions home automation with a high degree of flexibility and functionality.

Martini has a warehouse of about 3,000 square meters. where inside we find a production laboratory dedicated to the assembly and wiring of electromechanical constructions, electromechanical drives and electrical panels.

It also has a space dedicated to the warehouse of about 700 square meters, where all the materials in acceptance, finished products and products ready for shipment are stored. Since there are numerous electrical and mechanical components that allow for the various customizations of the customer, the idea of relying on a vertical warehouse was born precisely to improve the management of materials and products, preserving their quality and optimizing the work of the staff.

In fact, management before Modula was messy, untraceable and the collection was often approximate and not very functional.

Improve warehouse performance with Modula vertical storage solutions

To improve the quality standard, in 2010 Martini placed the first Modula Lift ML 50 7,300 mm high.

This has made it possible to optimize spaces, facilitate withdrawals (significantly reducing the margin of error) and have constant updating of the materials in the warehouse, a very useful function for optimizing reorders.

Furthermore, from this function, it is already possible to have an initial monitoring of the request for various types of components, of the quantity, of the destination of the processing lot, keeping the production status constantly updated.

Have you installed Modula WMS, the software that accompanies operators in the execution of loading and unloading movements. This software has been integrated with the company management system and the continuous exchange of data allows each workstation to have a “snapshot” of the situation in real time.

In 2012 the company decided to purchase the second Modula Lift ML 50 7,300 mm high and in 2016 the purchase of the third Modula Lift ML 50 7,300 mm high.

In this way the space occupied by the stored references has been considerably reduced, improving performance in terms of timing, space, management but above all decimating the error rate.