Colli del Soligo

Modula warehouse management system for the food & beverage and large-scale distribution industry

Founded in 1957 to meet the needs of Prosecco producers in the Soligo area, the Cellar is located halfway along the White Wine Road between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, 50 km from Venice.

The Colli di Soligo winery brings together 700 members for a production of grapes of around 115,000 quintals a year, of which 65% of the Prosecco variety, the remaining 35% Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet , Pinot Noir.

Manage over 500,000 labels directly from a touch screen console

The need of the Colli del Soligo winery was to stock 500,000 labels intended for as many bottles of wine bottled and intended for sale.

The need of the cellar was not only for an automated solution, but also computerized and manageable from a touch screen console.

Modula presented the optimal solution for the storage of the 500,000 labels which are now cataloged in two automatic vertical warehouses managed by software with a graphical interface.

The input-output speed in operator searches has now increased exponentially and efficiently.

In this situation, the Modula solution exploited all the height space, leaving the floor space free for other company activities. Sintes1.7 works as stand alone, without interfacing with the company management system.