Gruppo Mezzacorona

Modula warehouse management system for the food & beverage and large-scale distribution industry

The Mezzacorona Group has been operating in the wine and fruit sector for over 110 years. It manages activities ranging from grape production, subsequent winemaking and bottling. The annual production exceeds 45 million bottles!
Within the production plants, the structured management of the warehouse was necessary for the enslavement of production with a higher organizational level, better product traceability and a reduction in warehouse employees.

Better traceability of products with Modula automated vertical warehouses

Two 5300mm high Modula Lift MX75D were installed.

Each Modula is equipped with:
Laser pointer that indicates precisely with a laser beam which product to pick up
Sliding console to drag the Copilot to any point of the bay, so as to facilitate the operator to confirm the picking in any part of the drawer

To control the warehouses in real time, Modula WMS Premium has been integrated for the advanced management of the items database.
To improve the performance of the warehouses and to control all their work, Modula Cloud was installed.
It is a software that monitors and collects Modula data such as: withdrawals, cycles, speed and number of missions.