NR di Nisoli

Modula warehouse management system for the mechanical industry

Founded in 1968, it builds supports for pneumatic cylinders with a production process that rewards quality and precision of the workmanship, respecting the characteristics of the design under construction.

Smoother internal production flows with the Modula vertical automated warehouses

To respond reactively to customer expectations and improve delivery times, the company’s logistics management required a total reorganization: more fluid and streamlined internal production flows, software for supplier management, automated management of semi-finished warehouse stocks and of the shipping warehouse.

Thanks to the 5 Modula installed, the total saving of ground space is 300 m2. The most obvious positive aspects for the company and the operators are the time gain for order fulfillment and the order that now reigns in the environments. The management of stocks with the WMS software allows constant monitoring of the position and quantity of the pieces, also thanks to a graphic presentation of the drawers. The picking actions in the parts storage phases were optimized, actions that before the arrival of the Modula were expensive in terms of time and displaced in areas of storage distant from each other.

The Modula Lift, 8,100 mm high, was positioned in production, making the most of the room’s height; the 4 Modula lifts of the shipping area contain 215 m2 of material in 95 m2.