Modula warehouse management system for the optical industry

CSO has been an international leader in the ophthalmological sector for over forty years.

Since its inception, the company has grown by conquering increasingly vast markets until establishing itself as the undisputed sector leader and thus exporting the “Made in Italy” of the optical sector all over the world.

Flexibility and better management of goods with Modula vertical solutions

To optimize spaces and production times, CSO realized that the traditional shelving for the storage of raw materials was no longer able to meet their needs and, on the contrary, created chaos in the warehouse with consequent delays and inefficiencies.

Since the adoption of the first Modula in 2008, CSO has immediately realized the benefits introduced by the vertical warehouse. The volume of withdrawals has increased significantly and consequently also the production volumes.

For this reason, in 2013, the company chose to purchase a third Modula. Flexibility, space recovery, better management of goods and picking have allowed the company a significant technological upgrade and greater efficiency.

The dislocation of the Modula on various levels has finally determined the optimization of space; in fact, the vertical warehouses were installed across the floors of the factory, having picking and pouring bays at different heights.