Modula warehouse management system for the packaging industry

Active in the packaging world for 35 years, Sarong has been producing entire lines of packaging, including through special processing of plastic and similar materials, serving various sectors: from pharmaceuticals, to chemicals, to food.

From production to packaging, there are several processes that the company takes care of, with particular attention to the insulation of materials during processing, especially in the food sector.

Sarong’s production is customized on the basis of requests, this means managing “design” production and therefore different materials, supplies and details.

Improve production organization with Modula WMS warehouse management software

Before the Modula, all the material was stored in lofty crates deposited on static racks and shelves, with an occupied space of 600 square meters.

The volume of the stored material was such that it had to be located in a separate area, away from the production lines, resulting in continuous inconvenience related to moving to recover the material and downtime for production.

The arrival of the Modula in which all the design and / or commercial components necessary for production are stored has led first of all to enormous space savings (over 550 m saved) and obviously a convenience that was unthinkable before, when the goods were stored in a other stable.

The picking time and therefore the production time has decreased while the ergonomics have increased for the operators who interface with a picking bay at head height, instead of with shelves and mezzanines.

The major competitive advantage, however, is given by the Modula WMS software interface that connects with the company management system, to the advantage of the production organization. The inventory is always under control and the goods are safe and close to the lines where they are needed.