Modula warehouse management system for the plastics and rubber industry

Bentivogli uses the most advanced technologies in the production of technical items in rubber and metal such as sealing rings, knobs, suction cups, bellows, sleeves, rubber rollers, shock absorbers and other special industrial items for all types of applications.

Improve inventory management with Modula automatic storage solutions

Bentivogli s.n.c. needed to make the structure of its warehouse safer and more ergonomic to facilitate the recovery and management of the stored goods by the operators. Further needs were to improve product traceability and increase the space available.

The installation of the Modula MX75D allowed Bentivogli to reduce shelving, avoiding potentially dangerous situations for its operators, with a consequent reduction in the footprint on the ground. The WMS also made it possible to have full traceability of picking operations and greater speed in order fulfillment.