Brevini Fluid Power

Modula warehouse management system for the pneumatic and hydraulic industry

Brevini Fluid Power Veneto belongs to the network of 6 companies present in Italy with the aim of presenting itself as a global player in the hydraulic sector. The company manages products such as pumps, motors, power units, hydraulic distributors, valves, electronic and mechanical transmissions.

Active for over 40 years, they serve all product sectors with 8 product lines that are synonymous with quality, competence and widespread presence throughout the world.

Reducing the number of warehouse workers with Modula automatic storage systems

Brevini Fluid Power needed to reduce the number of warehouse workers, as well as the number of meters occupied on the ground. Order, space and rapid retrieval of contents were prerogatives necessary to increase warehouse automation.

Modula represented the ideal solution for managing all products and small and medium-sized components in an orderly manner, operating with a frequency of thousands of lines per day.

Thanks to the rapid sourcing of materials, their traceability and the picking speed, the company was able to reduce its workforce to just one operator who easily learned how to operate the Modula automatic warehouse.