Lean manufacturing is a useful approach to identify how production and logistics processes are wasting resources, helping companies find more effective and productive solutions.

In this guide, we review eight very common types of wasted resources in logistics that are largely attributable to traditional or manual shelving. In particular, we focus on:

  • Preventable errors: for example, picking errors
  • Excessive or inadequate processing: the creation of too many reports with useless data, the re-entering of data or the duplication of information
  • Overproduction: working “Just in Case” instead of “Just in Time”
  • Extra manpower: lack of an in-depth analysis of the human resources available as well as of their efficient use
  • The downtime of operators and machines that translates into wasted resources and opportunities
  • Excessive handling of products due to failure to take into consideration the actual flows of the company
  • … and much more!
8 types of waste that Vertical Lift Modules can eliminate