14 Modula Lift for Elektramat, e-commerce of electrical materials

21 July 2022

Having an e-commerce activity does not mean just selling your products online. There is a whole strategy behind it that needs to be explored before starting to sell online.

What is the secret of the companies that have expanded their market to the e-commerce domain? The automation of their organization.

This is how Elektramat, a Dutch company specializing in electrical materials such as cables, switchboards, photovoltaic distributors and lighting, did it. Elektramat was already active for some time as a wholesaler of electrical components for professionals and individuals, but for a few years now, it has also offered products online with delivery throughout Europe.

The company is a fitting example of how automation is truly the key to the success of a business. The logistics center is organized with several conveyors that transport the goods and 14 Modula Lifts that contain all the inventory of electronic components.

Each Modula automatic storage system is equipped with a laser pointer, which facilitates picking by precisely identifying the item to be picked. In addition, they have alphanumeric led bars to display the position of an item on the “X” axis of the tray while providing other additional information, such as the quantity to be picked, and further details relating to the item, like the position (depth) on the “Y” axis of the tray.

Watch the video to learn more!