Going from 1 to 40 automatic warehouses: the Net Seals experience

29 June 2023

“In 15 years we have gone from the stone age to a technological evolution that will soon include the integration of robots.”

We have always maintained that the transition to an automated warehouse is exactly the first step and the easiest to approach automation. We often hear that the company is not ready for such a step, that the business is not yet mature enough to think so big. The story of Net Seals teaches us just that: it does not have to be a radical change, it can be done in small steps.

Net Seals, an Italian company based in Ravenna, is a distributor of seals and components for hydraulics and pneumatics, with more than 1,000 customers in over 80 countries worldwide.

The 30,000 items in stock make it a real spare parts warehouse for manufacturers or dealers.

But it was not always so big: it started with 5 employees in 1999 and now has 55.

Modula Lift bought its first warehouse in 2015 and gradually the number has grown to 40 today.

Now Net Seals’ logistics are completely automated, with Put to Light systems that support the operator during the preparation of orders, to speed up picking and limit the number of errors.

There are automatic warehouses for storing heavy material, with reinforced drawers of 750 kg each. Others store lighter hydraulic components such as O-rings. A Modula Lift with overhead bay, on the other hand, connects two floors (warehouse and administrative office).

Watch the full interview with Andrea Rani, CEO of Net Seals.