Mec-Diesel chose Modula for its warehouses: over 26,000 items in stock

10 October 2022

Engine and vehicle spare parts with direct, error-free, organized and rapid orders online. This is what is required by the customers of Mec-Diesel, a company that has been selling spare parts in 80 countries worldwide since 1983.

These needs, together with Mec-Diesel’s desire to have more products and SKUs in stock to improve customer satisfaction and increase sales, led to the project to install Modula automated storage systems and facilitate the storage of existing and new items in much less space. In addition, each new storage system unit was installed and operational in less than a week without interrupting the workflow.

Mec-Diesel offers a sophisticated e-commerce portal from which end users can place orders of spare parts. As soon as the order is confirmed, it is sent directly to the storage system, which interfaces with the Modula WMS management software, and the order is launched in real time.
This is the standard workflow following the integration of 35 Modula Lift ML75Ds which are equipped with double internal bays and installed facing each other along an aisle using all the vertical space available.

The staff is guided throughout the entire picking phase: picking takes place from the tray delivered at an ergonomic height and the operator is assisted by the alphanumeric led bar indicating the code, quantity and location of the part to be collected. Order fulfillment is accomplished with roughly 60% time savings compared to standard methods.

Another advantage of Modula technologies? Mec-Diesel has several branches throughout Italy and with the Modula Cloud platform it can remotely control all its automated storage systems, including volumes, efficiencies, saturations, speeds and item rotation. All it takes is a simple click!