Modula in the world, discovering northern Europe

02 March 2023

We thought we would embark on a new journey together, discovering our collaborators who over the years are helping us to make our automatic warehouses known all over the world.
We want to start at the highest point of the map, Northern Europe, with our three Scandinavian dealers: Hans Schourup A/S in Denmark, Inge S. Årstad in Norway and Wihuri Group in Finland.
Hans Schourup A/S, with over 150 years of history behind it, has been part of the family since 2019. It specialises in transport, logistics, supply chain and warehousing services and currently employs 13 people.
Inge S Årstad AS, with 11 employees, has been a Modula dealer for more than a year. It is a national reference for storage solutions suitable for workshops and warehouses.
Finally, Wihuri, a Modula partner for 4 years, operates in more than 30 countries and has 5400 employees. To date, it has sold 27 warehouses throughout Finland and provided excellent after-sales services to our customers.