Modula & Recommerce: the Rebuy case

27 October 2023

36 Modula Lift for the European market leader in second-hand electronic goods

Anyone who wants to give their old books, video games or CDs a new home can turn to the recommerce company Rebuy. Founded in 2004, Rebuy is a Berlin-based recommerce company that has set itself the task of reintegrating used products into the economic cycle.
To ensure the consistently high quality of its products, Rebuy has developed its own processes for grading, refurbishing and reconditioning. To prepare used articles for resale, however, it is necessary to temporarily store and catalogue them.
In light of rising rental prices for industrial buildings, the company was looking for a way to store more articles while keeping the same buildings. And this is where the collaboration with Modula came about.
Modula automated high-bay warehouses proved to be the ideal solution. A total of 36 Modula lifts have been installed at the Berlin site, which are capable of storing 100,000 articles.

“What impressed us most during the installation of the machines was their flexibility. The Modula’s gave us the possibility to expand the warehouse in stages. This meant that the lifts could be put into operation in a staggered manner and the logistical processes were never completely interrupted.”

On 26 October, Rebuy organised an event where it presented the new installation of the 36 Modula vertical automatic warehouses to the media.