What can do Modula for the e-commerce? The Xacus case

28 March 2022

Over the years, e-commerce has become increasingly important to our lives, establishing itself as almost the predominant way of making purchases. Therefore, many companies have decided to open an online store alongside their other operations.
One example is Xacus, historic producer of men’s and women’s shirts in San Vito di Leguzzano (Vicenza, Italy), which inaugurated its e-commerce sector about four years ago.
Modula was chosen in 2016, when Xacus had to decide how to stock semi-finished products, shirt internal parts and accessories tidily but above all fast.
Since 2016, after Modula coming, the workflow has changed completely, becoming a much “leaner” process.
The orders processed can be fulfilled in multiple or single mode.
The operation launched on the WMS warehouse immediately activates the 2 Modulas, which began to move the trays around to deliver the goods to the bay for picking: not just one warehouse starts but both.
The trays are ready with the goods and the order is opened immediately by just scanning the barcode. No search is required for any order lines.
Adopting a bay proximity principle, the warehouses offer the first tray containing the goods for picking.
The process is facilitated by identification of the article using a dot of green line which intersects with a red line (Laser Pointer).
The picking quantity is then indicated by an alphanumeric LED bar which appears at eye level by the compartment containing the goods for collection in the picking bay.
Modula allow to process several orders at once, without mistakes.
This is possible thanks to Put to Light. With this aid, the same number of collection locations as there are orders to be completed simultaneously are set up. The Modula WMS software associates a specific order to each location. It is the job of Put to Light to guide the worker during order collection. Each location has a display with two colours (red and green) that corresponds respectively to a specific Modula machine, from which the operator will collect the goods. The display shows the quantity of pieces to be collected. The order will not be considered completed until confirmed with the “free” button.
Modula warehouses are necessary to allow real-time stock-taking and to rationalise production planning.
The saving of space and the drastic reduction in time needed and in error rates mean that the Xacus workflow is impressively better, while workers’ efficiency level is also increased.