Why is Modula Slim the right automatic vertical warehouse for your e-commerce?

18 March 2022

Year after year, electronic commerce has more than ever become part of our lives. In 2018, the value of global online purchases exceeded 2,500 billion Euros.

At this point, practically every industry has entered into the wide world of e-commerce: not just textiles and electronics, but also hydraulics, automotive, mechanics and ceramics.

In the digital commerce world, speed is of the essence. For every company, the main objective is to satisfy the client, who is waiting for the whole product, complete but most of all quickly.

This can be done in one way only: with an orderly warehouse and a large assortment of items.

This is where Modula Slim plays a key role, by redesigning the warehouse completely. No more climbing stairs, mezzanines and ladders. The goods are deposited directly in internal trays, away from dust, outside agents and safe from prying hands.

Modula Slim acts exactly like an elevator: the tray is called with one click on the touch screen console, and it appears in the picking bay in seconds. The principle is simple: the goods come directly to the operator.

No more time wasted wandering around dozens of pallets to fill one single order. With Modula WMS, the warehouse management software, you can call up several trays at a time and they appear one by one in the bay. Modula WMS interfaces easily with any ERP or other company level applications. This allows the inventory to always be under control, all incoming and outgoing goods will be tracked.

But what are the 5 reasons that make Modula Slim ideal for companies using e-commerce?

1) Modula Slim combats waste, want to know how?

2) Do returns scare you? Is inverse logistics your nightmare? Not any more…

3) Do you dream of having more space? Luckily there’s Modula Slim!

4) It’s all ready in 48 hours, and it’s not a dream!

5) An automatic vertical warehouse not just for big companies