Why move to a VLM Modula? The Manifattura Guarnizioni Colombo case

01 August 2022

• 3 Modula Lift MX50D with external bay, 5,300 mm high
• 13 Modula Sintes1.7, 4,300 mm high

Founded in 1911, Manifattura Guarnizioni Colombo & C. is an Italian historic company that produces gaskets and sealing systems for industrial machines and plants.
It operates in a very large number of sectors: shipbuilding, food, steel, oil&gas and renewable energy.
The wide range of products in stock made the transition from conventional shelving to Modula automatic vertical warehouses an inevitable decision.

Which solution has adopted Manifattura Guarnizioni Colombo & C. to optimize its warehouse?

• 3 Modula Lift MX50D with external bay, 5,300 mm high
• 13 Modula Sintes1.7, 4,300 mm high