Modula WMS: Warehouse Management System

What is the Warehouse Management System (WMS)?

The WMS (Warehouse Management System) is warehouse management software designed to support logistics operations.

The WMS is a valuable aid for managing all types of storage systems, both automatic and traditional.

The warehouse management software controls, coordinates and optimizes all handling operations quickly, accurately, and automatically. One of its most important tasks is to monitor stock and inventory in the storage system, and the most advanced WMS systems can also interface directly with ERP systems in order to monitor and log all inbound and outbound handling activities.

How does the management of a storage system with Modula WMS work?

Modula’s WMS system is the best solution for the management of Modula vertical and horizontal storage systems, but it can also be used to manage traditional warehouses or manual storage areas.

The Modula WMS software application enables the real time management of the storage system by means of an intuitive PC interface. It simply involves setting up a PC as the storage system server and a certain number of clients as needed.

Once the WMS software application has been installed on the server and on the necessary client(s) and the storage system configured, the WMS system is immediately ready for use and will automatically communicate with any type of company ERP.

Modula WMS and manual storage systems

To manage a traditional manual storage system, Modula WMS technology transfers the orders to be picked to the RF scanner and the RF scanner is associated with that given order. The area assigned to the order number is tracked in the different areas of the storage system.

Modula WMS and automatic storage systems

With Modula’s automatic storage systems everything is already set up. The Copilot console replaces the RF scanner, and the operator sees what to pick as well as the quantity directly from the console, until the completion of the picking activity.


The advantages of the Modula WMS system

Ottimizzazione  OPTIMIZATION  

Static or dynamic management of the areas assigned without any redundancy in inventory and in the storage system.


Easy integration with the ERP (e.g., SAP, Oracle and Microsoft), MRP, or other enterprise applications, providing accurate and ongoing information exchange between these systems and the Modula WMS software.

Risparmio tempo  TIME SAVINGS  

The application ensures the traceability of all items and the guided execution of picking and placing operations, which translates into very fast order fulfillment.

Configurabilità  CONFIGURABILITY 

Flows can be customized and adapted as needed without impacting the company’s organization.

Controllo ed efficienza  CONTROL AND EFFICIENCY

Maximum process control thanks to:
• automation of repetitive procedures
• rationalization of movements and routes
• elimination of errors
• reduction of printed material.

Semplicità d'uso  EASE OF USE

Operating procedures are designed to ensure an intuitive interface and ease of use, even for unskilled personnel.


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