Modula WMS

The Warehouse Management Software combinable with Modula, or stand alone working designed to manage every storage solution.

It can manage your warehouse in real time via a user-friendly PC interface which is simple and intuitive. All you need is a PC as a server and a certain number of clients depending on your needs. All this means that a full multi-user system is within easy reach.

Advantages of using Modula WMS

1.  Ottimizzazione  Optimisation   

Static or dynamic management of locations without any inventory or warehouse redundancy.

2.  Integrazione con ERP  ERP Integration   

Easy integration with ERP (e.g. SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, etc.), MRP or other company applications, providing precise and continuous exchange of information between these systems and Modula WMS.

3.  Risparmio di tempo  Saves time   

Traceability of materials and guided loading and unloading allow rapid order dispatch.

4.  Configurabilità  Configurability   

Can be customised and adapted to current management flows without impacting the company's organisation.

5.  Controllo ed efficienza  Control and efficiency   

Maximum control over processes via:
• automation of repetitive procedures
• movement and route rationalisation
• elimination of errors
• less paperwork

6.  Semplicità d'uso  Simple to use   

Operating procedures have been designed to guarantee immediate and easy use, even by non-specialist personnel.


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