A Modula Vertical Warehouse for the Pneumatics and Hydraulics sector

12 February 2018

Companies that work in the production of hydraulic and pneumatic automation technologies and hydraulic production often need to store products of very different sizes in their warehouses. They have to handle pipes, pumps and other plastic elements in medium-large sizes, as well as very small items such as screws, o-rings, minicylinders, and other small items in metal or plastic.

The main challenges for those who manage warehouses in this sector are:

  • Improving the storage of merchandise that is different in size and volume
  • Eliminating the old system of traditional shelves and plastic trays that accumulate dust, are heavy, and force operators to make unnatural movements and assume often dangerous positions.
  • Keeping pumps, circuits, filters and sleeves safe and clean
  • Speeding up order preparation
  • Optimising storage space without leaving empty or unused spaces

The Modula vertical warehouses are the best solution to truly transform the warehouse of a company in the hydraulics or pneumatics sector, from improving the quality of storage and optimising the complete production process, to making picking operations fast and precise.

Why is a vertical warehouse the solution?

From small items to large pipes, stored in the same Modula tray

Each Modula tray has a single payload of up to 990 kg and thus a single warehouse guarantees a payload of up to 90,000 kg. To make the most of all the space available, the distances between the trays are automatically defined by a dynamic tray height storage system. This way, you don’t have to worry about calculating the space between one level and the next, and you can load screws, minicylinders, sleeves, medium or large pipes in the same tray.

Optimise output and service thanks to Modula’s throughput

With Modula warehouses, you can save up to 60% of the time to prepare the output load, which is, for example, very useful for service operations. Throughput is ensured thanks to the internal automatic system that moves the trays. With just a click on the Copilot operator console, which is next to the delivery level, you will be able to select the items you want and in just a few seconds, the tray will appear in the delivery level.

Thanks to several accessories, such as the LED bar or the laser pointer you will be 100% sure not to make any mistakes when you pick up items. The Copilot touchscreen will also display a view of the tray, with a clear indication of the exact position of the goods to be picked up. All you’ll need to do is to enter the quantity picked up, and the Modula WMS software will keep a record of the operation, so that inventory will also be much easier to run.

Top-notch safety and always clean goods, thanks to Modula warehouses

Storing pumps, circuits, cylinders, filters, sleeves and any other type of goods you use in the Modula trays, means they are safe from damage, theft and dirt.

The Modula WMS software can interface with any type of company ERP and keep track of all the operations that involve the warehouse. In case of theft, you can easily trace back to the operator who carried out that specific operation. Indeed, access to Modula is only possible via login and password, or advanced recognition systems, such as badge or RFID readers. This way, you will be sure you won’t leave valuable goods at the mercy of unscrupulous hands.

Optimise production with the vertical warehouses at the heart of the production process

After choosing our automatic vertical warehouses, some companies have redesigned their entire production process, placing the Modula vertical warehouse at the centre of the production process. The Modula warehouse becomes the beating heart of production, establishing assembly process timing and managing production orders.
This way, the company knows, and controls, the quantities of raw materials available or semi-finished goods stocked, in real time and with precision.
With a properly used Modula warehouse, you can avoid starting production and then halting it due to lack of material.

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