Flexible, modular and ergonomic design the Modula vertical automatic lift module allows you to store and pick goods of different sizes quickly and easily. Vertical automatic warehouses are suitable for any industry and allow you to save space, time and above all money.

One of the most significant practical applications of automatic vertical storage systems is the optimization of the order preparation process. The main advantage lies in the speed and accuracy of the search and picking operations. This is possible also thanks to the standard accessories supplied with the machine, such as the laser pointer, and to the use of powerful software (WMS). The combination of these two elements brings picking operations to a much more advanced level, especially compared to other solutions available on the market.

Another aspect that should not be underestimated is the impact on maintenance and repair operations (MRO). Inefficient management of MRO operations can have major repercussions, like machine shutdowns lasting longer than expected and production stops. Vertical storage systems can be of great help in avoiding this kind of situation thanks to predictive maintenance, made possible by the continuous and automated check-ups of machinery and systems. 

Find out in what other ways a Modula automatic vertical storage system can turn into a competitive advantage for your company.