Management of after-sales service for Modula automatic warehouses

06 June 2024
Management of after-sales service for Modula automatic warehouses

In the article on Modula’s personalised consulting, we saw the details of the roadmap according to which Modula provides customised warehouse solutions to companies of any size and product sector.

In particular, we analysed the steps clients take when purchasing a Modula automatic warehouse: from the initial consultation to the improvement ideas we can provide thanks to our know-how and wide range of partnerships in the logistics industry.

At the end of the initial phase, which consists of consulting, purchase and installation, our support still continues. 

We’re about to take you on a short tour of our Salvaterra offices, specifically in the Modula Customer Care department, to better acquaint you with the everyday commitment to providing real-time support to over 20,000 clients around the world.

Remote assistance for Modula automatic warehouses

Time is precious, and we’re well aware of that here at Modula. We have therefore developed customer service that offers free support during office hours. Whether a simple request for information or a critical emergency, clients can count on a dedicated team of experts ready to take prompt action.

Modula’s remote assistance service can provide immediate and personalized support anywhere in the world, minimising machine downtime and ensuring maximum operational efficiency. This type of support means technicians can connect to clients’ vertical lift modules over the internet and diagnose issues in real time. This mode of operation makes it possible to quickly identify the cause of the issue and provide an appropriate solution, often with no need for a technician to take physical action.


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After purchasing a Modula warehouse, clients can count on a service that also includes assistance in populating and mapping the trays, advice on the implementation of new functions or options and, of course, support in solving complex technical issues.

Importance of planning preventive maintenance

Modula takes a proactive approach to maintenance, aiming to identify and resolve issues before they become critical. Our technicians perform regular checks and preventive inspections to identify signs of wear or faults, enabling clients to plan preventive maintenance and minimise the risks of unexpected downtime.

Quality is a top priority for us, and we are constantly striving to guarantee it at all times. We regularly keep up to date with the latest industry news, providing information to our clients in frequent communications about new options, products, service packages and upcoming deadlines.

By analysing the cycles and activities of installed Modula warehouses, we develop customised programs and plans to promptly provide clients with the spare parts they need and replace them when appropriate. The Modula Cloud platform offers options to monitor warehouse status remotely, collect data on operational performance and access detailed reports.

This approach ensures the machine works perfectly and gives clients the peace of mind of being able to count on attentive service, ideal for maintaining operations at the highest level.

Monitor Modula solutions in a single tool

The Modula Cloud platform makes it possible to monitor the status of connected Modulas remotely, collect statistical data on their operational performance and access specialised reports and dashboards to analyse cycles, efficiency, saturation, errors and more.

Remote access via the Modula Cloud portal provides the option to resolve any issues very quickly or to reduce machine downtime. This can be done by opening a ticket directly from the Copilot console, making remote assistance much easier and more streamlined.

Modula Customer Care: a comprehensive, global service

Thanks to a global network of qualified technicians, 11 subsidiaries and over 100 dealers, at Modula we can always respond promptly to customer requirements, anywhere in the world.

Our on-site assistance is provided by highly trained and qualified technicians who are specialists in vertical lift modules, with in-depth knowledge of products and solutions. Our professionals can diagnose and resolve a wide range of issues quickly and efficiently, giving clients peace of mind and confidence that their systems are operating to their best.

As well as hardware consulting, at Modula we also offer relevant, comprehensive support for the software aspect. Our team of trainers is always ready to respond to new or changed needs, to add custom features and packages, and to integrate the Modula system with other software solutions or internal systems.

Finally, we provide regular updates to the Modula WMS software, additional software packages and new releases produced on request.

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