Logistics for e-commerce and Modula: the integrated solution between the automatic warehouse, shipping and company management

26 January 2020

Over the past few years, e-commerce has seen a real boom in sales, and the online shopping sector is continuing to mushroom. What does all this mean? That the logistics also has to adapt and should be designed in line with e-shops to help keep up with the times and not be cut out.

From storing goods to packaging them, from shipping products to delivering them to your end customer: to bring an online seller company’s level of efficiency up to par, you will need to invest in automation projects.

In a market in which the e-commerce sector is increasingly expanding Logistics and warehousing must work together and they have to adopt the best solutions, to be managed in a coordinated, efficient way. Anyone who doesn’t adapt to digitalisation has very little chance of survival.

What companies must do to better manage logistics: the importance of investing in digitalisation

In order to launch e-commerce and obtain good results, companies cannot just limit themselves to selling their products, they need a complete strategy that sees them through each stage in the process.

If it is to function well, a good e-shop needs to be able to count on proper management and real logistic optimisation, and in these cases, heading towards digitalisation of processes is the winning solution.

The role of automatic warehousing to ensure maximum e-commerce efficiency is a performance activity

Those in the world of electronic marketing, who sell primarily online, know that having adequate space available to store goods and products in a precise, orderly manner, from the moment they arrive until the order is dispatched, can make a difference in managing your activity more effectively.

Some products require fairly long preparation times, some need to be quickly restocked, others are destined to stay in stock for a long time: only by using tailored solutions, like vertical warehousing for example, linked to company management with WMS software, can they be managed better.

Modula vertical warehouses let you store goods securely, taking advantage of the building’s height, saving time in picking operations, and also reducing footprint, as they have internal drawers with a capacity up to 900 kg.

Moreover, thanks to the use of WMS software, which integrates perfectly with company IT systems, the entire warehouse management can be done with a simple click.

What Modula offers: an integrated solution between the automatic warehouse, shipping and business management

Adopting an integrated solution that permits coordination between automatic warehousing, shipping and company management is definitely best when it comes to fully satisfying all e-commerce demands.

With the aim of maintaining high efficiency standards and keeping costs down, Modula offers an entire series of tools that let you accurately oversee all warehouse movements: from storing goods to proper order preparation.

To keep the number of errors to a minimum during picking operations, Modula offers an LED bar for example, which highlights the correct section for picking or replenishment of stock; or an alphanumerical LED, which compared to the traditional bar LED, has the advantage of giving more information on position, quantity and type of product to be moved.

Even more precise is the laser pointer, which indicates the exact position of the material using the intersection of a red line and a green spot; and the bar code reader that makes picking operations even easier and more accurate. To keep products safe and out of unauthorised hands, Modula also offers devices that allow limited access to drawers. We’re talking about EKS, electronic key readers that only allow access by inserting a special key into the reader device; badges that are definitely more secure than standard login access, and allow access to authorised personnel only; and RFID, a wireless reader badge that simply goes alongside the reader.

Ideal for eliminating any stock differences with a click, Modula automatic warehouses let you manage and control many aspects: from real-time stock updating to the most efficient stock arrangement, from theoretical inventory alignment with the real one, to that between physical stock and system.

Another advantage of Modula automatic warehouses is they also allow you to keep an eye on packaging stocks, a fundamental aspect if you want to keep up with the fast pace of e-commerce, ensuring rapid, prompt shipping to your customer.

E-commerce logistics: companies that have taken off thanks to Modula solutions

As evidence of the fact that focusing on automation in warehouse logistics is always a good investment, we offer some stories of companies that sell online and who, with Modula solutions, have managed to improve their efficiency and solve their problems.

Comerfut for example, a leader in the wood sector who has seen its company grow significantly, had to face several problems connected to the lack of space and errors in the picking stage. How did it solve them? With Modula LIFT ML75D, one of the best automatic vertical warehouses around, which replaced the old shelving and allowed all the ready-to-ship material be stored. On the other hand, to obtain greater precision during the deposit and withdrawal operations, tools such as the alphanumeric LED bar, the Laser Pointer and the Put To Light have proved indispensable because they allow employees in the warehouse to increase the number of order lines that can be processed simultaneously.

A similar situation can be found with Lyreco, a company that sells office and work environment solutions; when they installed Modula warehouses, they solved problems with space and were able to ensure better ergonomics for the staff responsible for picking, increasing productivity and reaching even higher safety standards.

Or even Xacus, a legendary company in Vicenza that specialises in Made in Italy shirt production, and which has expanded its horizons thanks to its launch of e-commerce, opening up exports to North America and thus becoming a leader in major world markets. Following this impressive growth, the company needed to stock its partly finished products, its accessories and the inside parts better so both product search times–up to then they had been searched manually–and times relating to order processing were faster. It was able to reach its goals thanks to the installation of Modula automatic warehouses, which allowed the entire process to be streamlined and easier.

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