Safe automatic storage systems for electronic components: new Modula solutions

04 October 2021

In the electronics industry, storage and stock management play a critical role. This is because electronic components – like chemicals and foodstuffs:

  • require quick and accurate management of the different phases of procurement, retrieval and inventory of SKUs so as not to generate slowdowns in the production process;
  • require compliance with certain controlled environmental conditions (required by standards and protocols) so that they do not to deteriorate or create risks for operators.

In a highly technological and competitive sector such as the electronics industry, having a 4.0 automatic storage system translates into a solid competitive advantage because it enables quick operations and increases the flexibility of logistics, a critical part of the supply chain.

So let’s take a detailed look at the problems to be addressed and the solutions to be adopted when the storage of electronic components is part of the work of a warehouse or distribution center.

Problems related to the storage of electronic components

As noted, there are two main problems: operational management and safety.

As regards the operational management of a warehouse, problems arise from the fact that electronic components have heterogeneous and often small dimensions, therefore they require special storage systems that make access and retrieval an easy and quick operation. Otherwise the consequence would be an excessive slowdown of the entire supply chain.

Moreover, managing a large number of items and SKUs entails an increasing demand for storage space.

With regard to safety, on the other hand, the environmental storage conditions are paramount when it comes to preventing the deterioration of electronic components. Sensitive aspects must also be considered such as:

  • Humidity (Moisture Sensitive Devices)
  • Temperature
  • Dust.

These aspects significantly affect the integrity of electronic materials, so much so that they are governed by strict standards (in particular, IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033B.1 defines standard methods for packaging, storing, shipping and using Moisture Sensitive Devices, while the ISO 14644 standard refers to the level of air cleanliness).

Modula, with its increasingly innovative solutions, is able to respond to both of those needs.

Modula automatic storage system for electronic components

Modula automatic vertical storage systems efficiently resolve the problem of space. In fact, thanks to their modular structure they are adaptable to any need, exploiting the available space both vertically and horizontally, and can save up to 90% of the warehouse surface.

Storing electronic components is safe and easy with Modula, specialists in automatic vertical storage systems. In particular, Modula’s automatic storage systems with trays are perfectly suitable for managing those warehouses where items of heterogeneous sizes are stored. These automatic self-supporting storage systems integrate dynamic height control and automatic weight control.

The storage of electronic components in trays solves another problem related to the management of this kind of material, that is, the presence of dust. In fact, dust can affect the integrity of electronic parts: thanks to Modula’s automatic storage systems with trays, the contamination of the stored parts with dirt and dust can be avoided.

Operator safety is also guaranteed by the possibility of adding an ESD (electrostatic discharge) control system, necessary when handling sensitive electronic components.

    In the case of dust sensitive electronic components, there is the need to operate in clean rooms to prevent contamination by the external environment. Modula Clean Room storage solutions comply with the ISO 14644 standards and meet classes 7 and 8.
    When working with humidity-sensitive materials, it is necessary to keep environmental humidity below a certain threshold in order to prevent damage to the items stored. The Modula Dry solution was specifically developed to guarantee relative humidity below 5%.

Modula solutions for climate controlled environments

Modula has designed 3 innovative technological solutions to meet the storage needs involving controlled climate environments, which can be seamlessly integrated with the Modula Lift automatic vertical storage system, thus further expanding its fields of application.

These are:

Modula offers a range of systems that can be scaled and adapted to the needs of each warehouse, thus giving companies in need of state-of-the-art technology for climate controlled storage the opportunity to benefit from automatic storage systems as well.

Thanks to careful analysis carried out in the consultancy phase, Modula is able to combine its products and technologies to best satisfy also those customers who need to store electronic components safely and efficiently.

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