Pacific Coast Heavy Trucks

Modula warehouse management system for the automotive industry

Pacific Coast Heavy Truck Group is an authorized subsidiary of Volvo which sells trucks and lorries. Chilliwack’s Canadian branch opened in November 2017.

The main problem encountered by the company was having many small boxes and spare parts scattered around the warehouse. Finding the necessary material was quite complex and involved a great waste of time. Furthermore, although the warehouse was new, the available space was almost completely occupied. The need to create new spaces was increasingly pressing.

Tracked goods and more than 80% of space recovered with Modula automatic storage systems

With the arrival of Modula it was possible to recover 80% of the space already used. During installation, the dimensions of the shelving and compartments were customized with great ease. All the grooves needed to modify the layout are already present: it’s just a matter of measuring and mapping the shelving.</ span>

As regards loading the drawers, once the measurements and reported in the main system, the process is very simple and fast, even to teach.

One of the most important new features is control over the quantities entered and withdrawn . If necessary, a list of orders can be entered: the Modula automatic warehouse will pick up the items without stopping, automatically switching to next.