Gland Pharma

Modula warehouse management system for the chemical, pharmaceutical and biomedical industry

Gland Pharma was founded in 1978 and today has a presence in about 90 countries around the world, where it serves pharmaceutical companies.
It produces a wide range of medical materials in ampoules, syringes, vials, vials, powders and even ophthalmic solutions.
The frontiers of the future concern anti-cancer drugs and the genesis of new molecules to open new avenues for research.

Store labels and documents precisely with Modula automated solutions

The huge number of labels to be used on all pharmaceutical products made in the Hyderabad factory, and the importance of attributing them to the right products without errors, made the company think of relying on a type of automated storage. The arrival of Modula in the plant made it possible to store labels and documents in a precise, safe and traceable manner while also maintaining a history in the archive, which is necessary for any consultation.

Using the Modula Lift automated vertical warehouse, the customer was able to optimize the height of his building by exploiting it to 100%, thus reducing the floor area occupied. The storage density has therefore increased considerably compared to static shelves.
In addition, with a careful partition of the drawers through the use of separators and dividers, the labels are better organized: ease of retrieval is favored by the LED bar that guides the operator at eye level.