Modula warehouse management system for the logistic and 3PL industry

Lasaulec is a company active in BeNeLux since 1947 and deals with the distribution of material and equipment for companies such as PPE.
Before the arrival of Modula, the old system did not allow efficient management of orders.

Speed, accuracy and efficiency in order preparation with Modula vertical storage systems

Modula as well as increasing the speed, accuracy and effectiveness of order preparation has been combined with a WMS software, developed by VANAS, which interfaces with company ERP and with the conveyor system on which the orders move inside specific boxes.

A “monkey proof” system has been created where the error is not allowed, because it is really impossible to do it. The use of the vertical warehouse is intuitive and facilitates not only the process but also the calculation of the actual profit.

The project achieved every objective and achieved the return on investment in just 3 years.