MT Marchetti

Modula warehouse management system for the mechanical industry

Founded in 1972 by Terenzio Marchetti, it is a manufacturer of static and motorized tool holders for numerically controlled turning centers, and also carries out mechanical machining for third parties. The market rewards MT Marchetti for the innovations it manages to bring into this sector.

The double internal bay of the Modula Lift speeds up the picking of the mechanical company MT Marchetti

MT Marchetti has in its catalog more than 5,000 codes that are stored in stock. Faced with a shared development plan, the management of the warehouse with manual methods (shelving and forklifts) was considered obsolete. From here the analysis to consider the vertical automated systems on the market.

Thanks to 9 Modula, today 1,750 square meters of material are stored in less than 100 square meters. Between the moment when the order arrives at the company and its transmission to the operator who picks up the required goods, only 20 minutes pass. During peak hours, the department can manage up to 1,800 withdrawals. The internal double bay lowers two trays at a time, speeding up picking. The risk of injuries related to the picking up of goods on shelving and with forklifts has been eliminated. The warehouses are closed by an automatic door: the pieces are safe, protected from dust so that when they arrive to the operator they are clean.