Modula warehouse management system for the pneumatic and hydraulic industry

With its four industrial divisions, Farbo manufactures components for standard tires (Farbo Pneumatic), special components for particular applications such as special pneumatic cylinders, special mini-cylinders, special rotating units, etc. (Farbo Special), components for vacuum technology (Farbo Vacuum) and distributes automation components and systems exclusively for Italy.

Modula’s vertical automatic storage systems as a buffer for production lines

The company was looking for an automatic solution for the storage of goods serving the production line, which had ergonomic workstations for the operators.

Recovering space by exploiting the height of the rooms was another need that could no longer be postponed. Given the large quantity of components to manage, Farbo asked for a solution that would give an extra boost to the quality of storage.

Farbo has found in Modula various characteristics capable of responding to its needs. First of all the storage density, guaranteed by the width of the 74 drawers and their maximum load capacity (up to 500 kg/each).

The “goods to man” structure and the Copilot console have created ergonomic workstations for the operators and increased the performance of picking actions.

In general, the reliability of the whole process has increased. The closeness between the two companies was another criterion that worked in Modula’s favor, despite the fact that assistance is guaranteed everywhere, on site and remotely.