SAG Group

Modula warehouse management system for the pneumatic and hydraulic industry

With nearly fifty years of experience, Sag Group is a European leader in the processing of metal and rubber hoses and has extensive know-how on a wide range of rigid and flexible hoses for all kinds of applications.

The group consists of the following companies: Sag Tubi Tredozio, Sagom Tubi, Sag Hìdrolìk, Unifer, Sag Tools, Sagom Rubber, AnsaTech, Unifer Navale and Tosca. Technology, constant research and quality control are the pillars that allow the group to have complete management of the production chain, from design to development and testing.

SAG Group products are used by leading brands in the automotive, agricultural machinery, sports vehicles, industrial vehicles and material handling industries.

Store products of very different sizes and volumes with Modula automated warehouses

SAG Group stores have to deal with medium to large tubes but also small products such as screws, O-rings and mini cylinders, with all the problems associated with the storage of these products , such as :

  • Avoid accumulation of dust 
  • Store the products in a safe place
  • Accelerate order preparation times
  • Improve employee ergonomics by avoiding unnatural and dangerous movements
  • Optimize space for storage without leaving empty spaces

Over the years, Sag Group has completely revolutionized their store with the purchase of Modula Lift. To date, Sag Group has no less than 26 Modula spread over the various establishments.

Especially :

  • Sag Tubi from Novellara (RE) has a total of 12 Modula.
    – 1 MX75 of 6,700 meters with internal bay.
    – 1 ML50D of 5,700 meters with internal bay.
    – 1 ML75D of 13,700 meters with external bay.
    – 6 ML50D of 6,700 meters with internal bay.
    – 3 ML50D of 6,100 meters with internal bay.
  • UNIFER from Finale Emilia (MO) has 6 Modula.
    – 2 MA1000D of 7900 meters with external bay.
    – 1 MA75D of 7900 meters with external bay.
    – 1 MC1000D of 7900 meters with external bay.
    – 2 MC1000D of 7900 meters with external bay.
  • SAGOM Tubi from Cento (FE) has a total of 8 Modula.
    – 3 MX75D of 6,700 meters with internal bay.
    – 5 ML75D of 6500 meters with internal bay.