Modula warehouse management system for the textile, clothing and accessories industry

The Frangipani Group is a family business founded in 1988 and, since then, active in the leather goods sector. Continuous investments in human resources and trusted collaborators skilled in leather processing have led it to be a point of reference in fashion.
The updating of the technologies used in the processing and in general in the factory have not sacrificed the craftsmanship of the product, a top of the range of artistic craftsmanship.

Increase storage density with Modula automatic vertical warehouses

In the production plant, the space for storing the product for production was saturated and the management with shelving no longer adequate compared to the growing needs of the company (greater traceability of movements, greater safety of the goods and obviously the saving of floor space).

The search for an automated solution that would also increase storage density led Frangipani to Modula.

Modula Lift is the model that perfectly fits the needs of the Frangipani Group. It has made it possible to update the storage methodology and therefore to take a decisive step forward towards safety and order.

Access to the vertical warehouse is permitted only to authorized operators, equipped with a badge and password. Each access is tracked and limited to the drawers involved in the operation.

The WMS base allows you to manage personal data, warehouse locations, handling through immediate orders/requests, the execution of physical inventories of the warehouse.