Modula Warehouse Management System for the Plastics industry

Why should plastics companies choose a Modula automated vertical warehouse?

Companies operating in the plastics industry often need to store products of very different sizes and volumes in their warehouses. Modula automated vertical warehouses have the undeniable advantage of being able to handle products of various weights and lengths efficiently. The advantages in terms of the optimisation of available space and simplification of stock movements are immediate, and these activities will be faster and always safe.

What are the advantages?

Each Modula tray has an individual payload of up to 990 kg and thus an individual warehouse can guarantee a payload of no less than 90,000 kg. To make the most of all the space available, the distances between the trays are automatically defined by a dynamic tray height storage system. This way, you don’t have to worry about calculating the space between one level and the next, and you can load small and large items into the same tray. The speed of a Modula warehouse is ensured by the internal automatic system that moves the trays.

With just one click on the Copilot operator console, you can select the items you want and in just a few seconds the tray will appear in the delivery level. With some of the multiple accessories available, such as the LED bar or the laser pointer, you will be 100% sure not to make any mistakes when picking items.

The Copilot touchscreen will also display a representation of the tray, with a clear indication of the exact position of the goods to be picked. All you need to do is enter the quantity to be picked, and the Modula WMS software will keep a record of the operation, so that your next inventory will also be much easier. The Modula WMS software can interface with any type of company ERP and keep track of all the operations involving the warehouse.

In case of theft, you can easily trace back to the operator who carried out that specific operation. In fact, access to Modula systems is only possible via a login and password, or via advanced recognition systems such as a badge or RFID reader. In this way, you will be sure you aren't letting your precious goods fall into the wrong hands.

Which Modula is right for you?

Some companies have placed their Modula Lift warehouse at the heart of their production process, allowing it to set the rhythm by which production orders are handled. In this way, the company is aware of, and has precise control over, the available quantity of raw materials, in real time. Used correctly, a Modula warehouse can help you avoid starting production and then having to interrupt it again due to a lack of materials. Here are some accessories for making the most of its potentials: Alphanumeric Bar, Laser Pointer, Badge Reader and Put to Light.


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