Modula warehouse management system for the metallurgical and steel industry

Metalprint is a manufacturer of brass, aluminum and copper castings and, since 1974, has been exporting its products all over the world.
The company has high-tech machinery and automation that guarantee high flexibility.

Modula’s automatic warehouses increase production tending speed

Thanks to the continuous expansion abroad and the increase in requests, it was necessary for Metalprint to find a solution for the storage of tools and spare parts for CNC machines, so as to obtain space to allocate to new areas of work.

Since 2000 Modula has been collaborating with Metalprint by supplying them with vertical warehouses for the storage of all tools for numerically controlled machines, guaranteeing great space savings.

Thanks to the Modula magazines, Metalprint has also managed to increase the production tending speed and to trace the movements of the various tools entering and leaving the Modula, thus having a faster and more reliable management of materials.