Gamma Stampi

Modula warehouse management system for the metallurgical and steel industry

Gamma Stampi is part of the Sandri group, which since 1978 has been designing and manufacturing equipment and molds for working metal tubes, profiles and sheet metal.

From an experience that began in the field of metal furnishings, today it is a dynamic reality capable of providing solutions for all sectors in which the metal tube finds its greatest use.

The stock of the goods intended for production on shelves and drawers was no longer adequate for the production dynamics.

Reorganise small parts stocks with the Modula Sintes1 automatic warehouse

Gamma Stampi needed to recover floor space and reorganize stocks of small and light pieces.

The company needed an automatic system that could guarantee higher quality storage, also through the traceability of product movements.

The Modula Sintes1.7 is designed for the storage of small and light objects and its introduction has optimized the storage area available in the company. The products, whose movements are now tracked by the machine’s software, are safe thanks to the automatic closing door which prevents access when the Modula is off or unattended.

The automatic door also reduces noise in the operator’s work area and lowers the amount of dust (and other polluting substances) that could enter from outside.