A Modula Climate Control for Linea Light Group: how to store electronic components at a controlled temperature

22 March 2023

Electronic components such as printed circuit boards and LEDs are very sensitive to moisture. If present during assembly, it can damage the product and affect its functionality and durability.

This was the reason that led Linea Light Group to implement an automatic storage solution in its warehouse equipped with a thermal insulation system and a refrigeration system to control internal environmental conditions.

Linea Light Group designs and manufactures professional lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor use. Linea Light’s mission is ‘to provide the end user with a product characterised by quality materials and high performance’ and this is where Modula Climate Control comes in.

LEDs with Modula Climate Control are kept in optimal and totally safe conditions throughout the entire production phase: from storage to installation inside luminaires.
The Modula automated warehouse has been positioned between two departments (material acceptance and assembly) in such a way as to speed up both the storage of components that have just been checked by acceptance and the picking of materials to be delivered for assembly.

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