An outdoor Modula

21 September 2022

Wildmetal’s insulated solution

Save space by using not only vertical storage systems but also your company’s outdoor space.
This is the experience of Wildmetal, a company specialized in hydraulic steel construction based in Sterzing, since 1997 a leader in the supply of hydraulic components with a focus on dams and trash rack cleaners.
The company chose to build an outdoor structure with insulated panels to store material without using indoor space.
Components, equipment, and semi-finished products are stored in this insulated Modula storage system located outdoors next to the Wildmetal building.
“We can launch a picking list from our management system, and send it to the Modula WMS which, in turn, launches the order and delivers the requested items to operators at an ergonomic height.”
What happens next? Once the picking operations have been completed, the WMS updates the stock and in this way the warehouse and inventory are always under control.
Managing logistics with a vertical storage system means being more productive and efficient, and using an external structure to store spare parts and the like means guaranteeing additional space savings.
The installation of the Modula system allows Wildmetal to save a lot of time in order fulfillment as well as to significantly improve picking and placing operations.
The Modula system chosen for insulation and outdoor installation is an 11 m tall Modula ML1000D equipped with an external bay. Inside the Modula there are 50 trays – 5 of which are profiled and equipped with raised elements – featuring a capacity of 990 kg each.