EIMA 2022: Modula Farm, vertical cultivation without seasonal constraints

04 November 2022

From 9 to 13 November, we will be present at EIMA International, the International Agricultural and Gardening Machinery Exhibition promoted since 1969 by FederUnacoma (Italian Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Federation).
This is an unmissable opportunity to learn about the new Modula Farm, the storage system designed for vertical cultivation which has received an EIMA 2022 technical innovation award. Modula Farm is indeed a breakthrough in which the Modula vertical storage system concept becomes the new farming system of the future, equipped with its own controlled temperature and irrigation systems.
This winning layout, combined with artificial lighting, enables significantly greater food production compared to traditional indoor farming structures. It not only enables farmers to keep up with rising demand, but also eliminates or minimizes the impact of negative factors affecting crop growth such as poor weather conditions or diseases.
The importance of water management makes it necessary to develop systems to optimize its use: it has been established that 60% of global food production comes from “green water.” The Modula Farm system monitors the amount of water used while also collecting consumption and performance data to continuously improve efficiency.
Curious to see Modula Farm up front and close? You will find us from 9 to 13 November, at Bologna Fiere, at the EIMA International service center and in Hall 37 Stand C7bis.