Modula automatic storage systems, the right choice for more efficient picking. The Global O-Ring case

20 December 2022

Do you stock hydraulic assemblies on traditional shelves? These are the problems you certainly experience day in and day out.

The companies operating in the hydraulic sector handle a wide range of items in the most varied shapes, sizes and weights: filters, fittings, thread-locking products, gaskets, sealing systems, pipes, screws, bolts, nuts, etc.

Stocking this variety of items using traditional shelving results in a number of issues that unnecessarily slow down workflows.

  • Lack of space
    Have you ever thought about a new warehouse to improve the storage of goods? In your warehouse do pallets often have to be repositioned in order to allow access to the upper shelves of racks with the help of ladders and mezzanines? Do your operators take hours to process just a few items of an order? This happens when the warehouse space is not optimized.
  • Damaged items
    Wear, humidity and dust are detrimental to hydraulic components. In order to protect goods bulky packaging is often used, which leads to a further loss of space and mobility within the warehouse. Have you ever dropped a pallet during the pick-up phase from upper shelving? There is a solution to avoid all these problems.
  • Inventory management
    Using a traditional storage system, you will never be sure of the quantity of goods stocked in your warehouse. Do you have an accurate account of all the items on the pallets and shelves? Have you ever taken for granted the presence of a product and then ended up begging a supplier to deliver the product as soon as possible? It is difficult to trace incoming and outgoing goods without the help of an automatic system, but luckily Modula has the solution!

The Modula vertical automatic storage systems have allowed Global O-Ring to implement an up-to-date and more efficient picking process.

Global O-Ring and Seal is a distributor of seals and other sealing products based in Houston, Texas (USA).

The biggest challenge for Global O-Ring was its inventory management, given the large number of suppliers and stored products.

“A few years ago, when we were moving to a new facility, we wanted to find the most efficient solution for the picking process. We thought a lot about the Modula vertical automatic storage systems and how we could use them.”

“In this market we are competitive because we offer better customer service than the competition. One of the advantages of the Modula system is its ability to quickly deliver the product. The fact that Modula is connected to our ERP is simply great, there is a real time exchange of information from the customer’s order to the operational team and this can really make a difference!”

The installation of Modula automatic storage systems has reduced operator movements by 90%.

Global O-Ring’s old facility had a storage capacity of about 5,000 ULs, with Modula that capacity has now doubled.