Modula Next, the new automatic warehouse for even more accurate picking

20 October 2023

Named Modula Next, this new product has been launched by Modula, an Italian leader in the manufacturing and construction of vertical lift modules since 1987.

Modula Next is the evolution of a vertical lift module with trays, to pick and drop off goods within an automated system. Modula Next is unlike normal warehouses, where the operator has to search the entire tray for an item. Courtesy of a system of movable shutters that move exactly in line with the product requested by the operator, it provides access solely to the specific compartment of the tray where the item required is stored. This results not only in precise and accurate picking, but also full tracking of movements and an inventory 100% under control.

Ergonomics and safety, for goods and operators alike. An advanced inventory management system, made possible by cutting-edge software that can be integrated with company management arrangements. That’s why Modula warehouses are the essential solution for anyone who wants to improve their supply chain. Now found at a wide range of companies, shops, distributors or businesses in all sectors and markets, vertical lift modules are the Industry 4.0 answer to the need to improve operators’ working conditions, to save floor space and to improve precision and efficiency by reducing errors.

But for sectors such as luxury, aerospace, pharmaceuticals and electronics, where very similar products can be stored in the same tray and a picking error can be high-risk or even dangerous, Modula Next is the product with the best performance. With a maximum height of 16.1 metres and a width of approximately 3 metres – including 2.5 metres in trays – it saves 90% of floor space. For a company, it means no longer having to buy or rent new warehouses, and the ability to convert the space saved for other functions, e.g. as offices or new production lines.

Modula Next is useful in situations where errors are unacceptable and where the operator only requires access to certain products. The load capacity of a single tray is 500 kg, and the picking window can be opened to show the entire tray (2,500×654 mm) or only one compartment (from 100×100 mm).

Modula Next can also function as a veritable vending machine, ideal for consignment stock.

Modula Next offers recovery of components, tools or spare parts needed by the end client, to be placed by the manufacturer of those parts within client plants as a vending machine. This way, there is a two-fold benefit: the owner of the Modula places it on the end client’s premises and essentially becomes the sole supplier, guaranteeing excellent service, constant availability of products, and avoiding emergencies, stock shortages and downtime for the client. A Modula provides complete control over product use by the end client, and a huge competitive advantage over rivals.

Leaner workflows, improved inventory management for both supplier and client, inventory under control and savings on costs resulting from errors or lack of optimisation.

In short, a dual advantage for both client and supplier, and a new way of imagining the stock warehouse.

Modula Next was created by the Modula R&D department. In recent years, the company has invested hundreds of millions of euros in the quest for new, even more advanced solutions in the logistics sector. Only a few months ago, Modula brought to market its automatic vertical storage system for pallets, to store them with no need for forklifts.

Like all Modula solutions, the Next warehouse is also an essential component in an increasingly advanced supply chain, where technology, efficiency and performance play a leading role.