Continuous education and training: the new Modula’s project for its production departments

18 February 2022

New training projects for the production departments are underway in Modula.
This initiative has been strongly pursued by the top management and made possible thanks to Modula’s Kaizen Manager, Federica Mosto, together with Makeitalia S.r.l.

The workforce of the assembly, logistics, production, and quality departments will be supported step by step in its growth and learning process, through a program that provides for the continuous enhancement of skills and know-how.

How? Each operator will be assigned a tutor, a training schedule, a booklet with the training plan for the year, and a log to register the training received, which will include an end-of-year report with the hours and the skills achieved.

At the beginning of the year, the department manager shall illustrate the training plan to the personnel before the start of the sessions, each trainee shall then record the training hours received in his booklet and the tutor shall countersign to validate them. At the end of the year, each worker shall receive a final report containing the hours of training carried out and the final evaluations.

Here are the words of Modula’s Kaizen Manager, Federica Mosto: “The project is aimed at improving the skills of all departments as well as promoting job rotation. In Modula, people are the added value of a highly technological production process, which is why we continuously invest in the education and training of our workforce. It is a first step, but it will not be the last in this direction.