Welcome to Escala Consultoría, new dealer in Panama

19 April 2023

For a few months now, Modula’s Latin American sales network has had a new dealer in Panama.
It is Escala Consultoria, founded in 2022 as a subsidiary of the Escala Logística LATAM group, created in 2008: a group of professionals with extensive experience in the Latin American supply chain. Escala Panama is a technical and commercial engineering logistics consultancy, specialising in the design, development and optimisation of warehouses, industrial plants and supply and distribution networks.

Modula’s intention is to invest more and more in Latin American regions with local partnerships that offer a timely and local service to customers who choose our vertical technologies. As in other countries, Escala Panama’s choice fell on experts in the intralogistics sector, who understand the needs of customers and can best guide them in consulting and support.
We interviewed Guillermo A. LeBlanc, Managing Partner of Escala Logistica Panama, to better understand who our new business partners are and what prompted them to market Modula in Panama.

Why did you choose to represent Modula?

Modula products are a viable and reliable alternative to achieve significant efficiencies in space and picking processes in logistics operations, distribution centres or e-commerce operations.

What do you think about the future of the intralogistics market in Panama?

The Panama hub has many players that could create lean systems in their intralogistics operations; these include regional distribution centres, national distributors, 3PLs and logistics operators. Our operational diagnostic services help organisations see this automated warehousing solution as attainable and possible, breaking down the paradigm of utopia or the distant.

Which sector might be interested in the warehouse solution?

In our market, there are several sectors interested in our solutions, including pharmaceuticals, automotive, distribution logistics and e-commerce.

What else?

We are very happy to be the official distributor of Modula in Panama, as our mission is aligned with our commitment to our customers, which is to accompany them in all phases of the logistical development of their business.