Innovating the warehouse: the 13 advantages of Modula solutions

15 May 2023

Warehouse innovation is a continuous process that changes and evolves together with the company, which must be able to gradually adopt the tools, technologies and processes of Industry 4.0 according to the needs. On the other hand, a company that wants to remain competitive today must opt for innovative warehouse solutions that enable it to overcome the daily challenges of the supply chain, such as:

  • Disruptions in the supply chain itself
  • Sustainability
  • Labour shortages
  • Traceability.

Improving the logistical infrastructure of their warehouse and adopting the latest technological innovations enables companies to successfully deal with emerging problems, and also brings other internal benefits to the warehouse itself, such as:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Higher profitability
  • More efficient warehouse processes
  • Higher productivity
  • More safety in the workplace
  • Ability to handle peaks and troughs in demand.

Warehouse upgrade through automation is the best way to manage the volatility and variability of the different components of the supply chain. Innovation, in fact, allows possible future problems to be anticipated, strengthening supply chain resilience in advance, and avoiding unplanned changes made necessary by contingent events.

For many years now, Modula has helped companies improve their warehouse management with its automated vertical storage systems and other innovative technological solutions developed to meet the needs of every industry and adapt to any kind of issue.

5 ways Modula improves stock management

Above all else, a storage system must optimize warehouse management, and to this end Modula’s automated storage systems offer undoubted advantages.

The automatic storage systems developed by Modula can store any type of SKU, since different types of bay (external, internal, overhead, single or double loading level) can be supplied according to the product or material stored. 

Automatic vertical storage systems such as Modula Lift or Modula Slim offer maximum flexibility. It is possible to organize storage activities and operate based on single SKUs: products can even be stored loose directly in the tray of the Modula system, without using containers or boxes. 

The storage system itself measures the containers at the entrance of the bay and calculates how to position the trays within the structure, making the most of every available inch. After each picking operation, the storage system reorganizes the internal distribution of the trays through the dynamic management of loading heights, actually ensuring the maximum exploitation of the vertical space.

An undoubted advantage offered by the Modula solutions for warehouse innovation is the possibility of gradually approaching automation, which today is accessible to every sector and company. In fact, the installation of the Modula systems is agile and fast: they fit immediately into the operational flow of the warehouse, without any interruptions, and they are so simple and intuitive to use that no extensive operator training is needed.

Modula’s storage solutions are very easy to install, meaning that the client company can also add new and different storage systems at a later date, creating more complex and efficient work processes while maintaining a high degree of user-friendliness.

The ease of installation of the Modula solutions is also an advantage when it is necessary to move VLM machines in the event of transfer to other premises or other departments, or when they must be used for different applications. For all these situations, Modula offers a dedicated service for changes and moves operating worldwide, organized so that activities such as maintenance and repairs can be carried out quickly and safely.

Modula has also developed automated horizontal storage systems to meet logistical needs in the cases where the use of vertical solutions is technically not possible or not cost-effective (e.g. picking-intensive applications).

Have a new customer and need to store new types of goods? Modula’s storage systems can be easily reconfigured in a few steps, as the internal structure of the trays can be reorganized to accommodate new SKUs.

Modula’s solutions are carefully developed with an eye on design while also focusing on ergonomics and on the need to simplify picking activities. The application of the goods-to-man concept is at the heart of Modula’s products: from the ergonomic height of bays, which is perfect when handling goods, to the various safety systems designed to protect the operator while the machine is in use.

Safety is guaranteed not only for personnel but also for the stored goods. For this reason, where necessary, Modula offers access control systems based on the use of badges, RFID or EKS. In this way, it is possible to manage authorizations even down to the individual tray, and to track the movements of each product.

For locations that are inaccessible and unsafe for the operator or for the storage of particularly valuable goods, Modula has developed several fully automated solutions to handle goods automatically. These include the innovative Modula One Pick or robotic equipment such as the Cobot or AMRs.

The Modula automated storage systems are equipped with a WMS (Warehouse Management System) that acts as the brain of the entire warehouse, providing a real-time overview of all storage-related activities such as picking, access, handling and more.

The Modula WMS facilitates warehouse inventory operations by providing a database for its management. For example, it is possible to call the trays to the bay and know the position and contents of each of them, or to call up the stock of a specific SKU from the management system, as the Modula storage system identifies the trays with the specific items required and conveys them to the bay.

3 ways Modula simplifies communication between information systems

The warehouse management software developed by Modula offers endless possibilities for configuration and customisation, allowing each company to achieve the desired level of automation.

Modula WMS Premium is the software package for those who want to achieve a higher warehouse automation level: the management software is not simply a tool to facilitate warehouse operations, it is also able to interface with other automated systems such as anthropomorphic robots, MiRs, automated guided vehicles (AGV), autonomous mobile robots (AMR), or automated conveyors.

The WMS Premium developed by Modula can be easily and quickly interfaced with other enterprise software systems, such as ERP and DMS. After the installation of the application on a dedicated machine and the subsequent system configuration, communication with the most widespread corporate systems can be set up thanks to Modula Integrations.

No risk of communication interruptions: on the contrary, more efficient exchange of information between all corporate systems.

Quick commissioning – as well as the easy installation, configuration, and integration of the WMS software into other existing management or robot systems – make the Modula automated storage systems a perfect example of Plug&Play technology

The warehouse reorganization process involving the installation of a Modula solution is therefore easily assimilated by any type of organization, precisely because it takes a very short time and has a minimal impact on workflows.

5 reasons why you should choose Modula solutions to innovate your warehouse

Are there other reasons to choose Modula over other solutions when it comes to innovating your warehouse? Yes, as many as five.

Modula’s storage systems are among the most cost-effective solutions on the market for warehouse innovation and automation. The ROI is, in fact, only 12 to 18 months against an unmistakably lean process that includes:

  • Consulting, inspection and configuration
  • Commissioning
  • Basic staff training.

The cost-effectiveness of the Modula solution, compared to the technological offer, is confirmed by the fact that these storage systems are used in the most diverse business sectors, including hardware distribution, shops, and large industrial plants.

Modula solutions can be adopted gradually without impacting the management process, and are scalable over time according to warehousing needs. 

Modula’s sales staff will study the best warehouse configuration, also with a view to future scalability, evaluating additional placements and solutions. Thanks to this predictive approach, many customers have exponentially increased the number of Modula storage systems included in their operational flow without repercussions and slowdowns in daily operations.

Modula solutions are easy to use and do not require any specific expertise. However, the purchase package includes basic training in the use of tools such as the Copilot Console, which features an intuitive touch screen interface from which all operations can be performed.

Many technologically advanced features are linked to the use of the Modula WMS software, which was completely designed and created in the company’s software department. To implement customized solutions, which are also created according to customer requirements, training courses and on-site training are offered to familiarize the customer with the full potential of the Modula WMS. The new Modula system will be operational and efficient, and the personnel trained, in no time at all.

Thanks to their flexibility, ease of operation, and scalability, Modula’s solutions are used and valued by more than 20,000 companies worldwide, with success stories from every sector. Over the years, this has also led us to deal with special and complex requirements for which we have developed special solutions.

The company constantly invests in R&D to be always ready to meet new demands and requirements.


Modula is present all over the world, not only with its sales network, but also with its customer service, offering on-site assistance and personalized and timely advice.

This proves our unwavering commitment to always being close to those who choose Modula, with quick and professional answers.

Are you ready to bring the efficiency of warehouse automation to your organization or do you want to keep innovating with advanced technological solutions? Contact us for a personalized consultation.

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