Modula warehouse management system for the food & beverage and large-scale distribution industry

Frontmatec develops world-leading customized solutions for automation in the food industry, other hygiene sensitive industries and the utilities industry.

They are especially renowned for our high-quality systems for the entire value chain of the meat industry – from carcass grading, slaughter lines, cutting and deboning lines, hygiene systems and control systems to logistics and packaging.

With operations in Europe, the Americas and Asia, Frontmatec serves a wide range of highly respected customers, from local industrial players to large global food processors.

Reorganize the warehouse with Modula vertical storage systems: fewer errors during picking and more space available

Frontmatec wanted to address 4 challenges in the warehouse:

  • Utilize the existing space to a higher degree
  • Pick more goods per hour
  • Reduce the number of picking errors
  • More efficient warehouse management in general

4 Modula Lift MX50D VLMs with Modula WMS Premium fully integrated with Frontmatec’s ERP system.

Before Modula reached 14.000 item numbers in manual racks took up 400 m2. Now, these item numbers only take up 48 m2. The free space of 350 m2 is now used for new production lines.

Centralizing the stock makes it faster to pick goods for orders and the need for using ladders and forklifts to reach items on the top shelves are reduced to a minimum.

The ergonomics for the employees has been improved significantly as the goods are now available to pick from the trays at a comfortable working position.

The Copilot Console helps the operator during intensive picking operations. This accessory can be moved along the entire length of the bay, close to the picking point. This makes every operation easier, more comfortable and more efficient, even saving your operator “walking” time.