Modula warehouse management system for the mechanical industry

Fridle is a distribution center for sealing systems for the hydraulic, pneumatic, chemical and mechanical sector, with a vast assortment of seals from leading Italian and foreign manufacturing companies, some of which are exclusive importers for Italy. The company specializes in the fitting and marketing of flexible hoses, high pressure fittings and hydraulic components and in the design, construction and overhaul of both power packs and hydraulic systems.

The Modula vertical solutions optimize space, avoiding the purchase of a new warehouse

Faced with a high daily in / out flow and having to increase picking speed, Fridle presented to Modula the need to have a logistics solution that could recover the space on the ground, exploiting the height of the buildings. The prospects for growth led in fact to a necessary expansion of the warehouse.
The installation of 21 Modula, has allowed an optimization of space never seen before: the benefits derived from the exploitation of the height of the sheds was immediately visible. Furthermore, the WMS software has made it possible to increase the number of orders processed per day, to increase picking speed and to optimize the number of operators employed in deposit and withdrawal operations.