Bottega Manifatturiera Borse

Modula warehouse management system for the textile, clothing and accessories industry

Bottega Manifatturiera Borse S.p.A. has acquired an international reputation over the years in the field of bags and small luxury leather accessories, so much so that today it is considered among the European leaders in terms of quality and of reliability.

Recovery of space, traceability, storage quality and an attractive design are the main needs that led the company to identify Modula as the ideal partner for reorganizing its warehouse.

Goods at hand with Modula automatic warehouses with drawers

Modula has made it possible to store the materials for the production of the bags in very little space. Thanks to the picking bays at head height, the goods are close at hand and the operator is not forced to make efforts during picking operations, therefore ergonomics of work is improved.

The automatic door guarantees greater safety of the goods and therefore greater storage quality, while the Modula WMS software allows constant control of the stock situation, favoring better traceability. Result: the company is enthusiastic about it.