Del Vecchia

Modula warehouse management system for the textile, clothing and accessories industry

Del Vecchia Spa was founded in 1946 and since then has been operating in the sector of industrial and domestic sewing machines. The company deals with the sale and distribution of sewing machines in Italy, even for the most famous Made in Italy stylists.

Therefore active in the field of leather goods, footwear, upholstery, and car seats, they have “sewn on” a great deal of experience in the preparation of high-tech sewing machines. Juki, Bernina, Madeira, Clover are just some of the brands that are part of their product range.

Doubled picking speed with Modula automated systems

Initially the company warehouse was made up of shelves that took up a lot of space and made it difficult to trace the products. The Modula purchased solved the space problems and, thanks to the double internal bay, doubled the picking speed with minimum footprint.

The printer for adhesive labels with which the warehouse has been equipped allows you to customize them and then position them on the stored materials. The drawers are equipped with separators and dividers, inside which accessories for spare parts such as needles are stored.

When the customer’s requests arrive at the company (by e-mail, telephone or directly on site), the operator approaches the Modula, enters the order in the WMS and the drawer that contains the product desired is presented directly to him at “ergonomic” height following the principle of goods to man.

During picking or deposit operations in Modula warehouses, the operator can enter the desired information via the Copilot control console and immediately print it on labels which will then be applied to packages and bags to identify the goods .

By inserting Modula in his factory, Del Vecchia has optimized the picking process and has been able to make the most of the space by considerably compacting the warehouse. The management of the products through the software and the printer accessory have also solved the problem of traceability.