What is Modula Link used for? To integrate Modula automated warehouses with robots. The Metalwit case

24 February 2023

Metalwit company is a long-term, experienced manufacturer specializing in the supply of fasteners for industry. The company also offers mobile and stationary robotic stations.

In order to increase the efficiency of the storage and picking process of small items, Metalwit decided to implement the vertical automated warehouse Modula Lift. The rack is 4.1 m high and has 23 trays with a load capacity of 500 kg and is equipped with an RFID card reader for logging operators with access control to individual trays.

Metalwit, by introducing mobile and stationary robotic stations to its offer, integrated the MR2 mobile robot with the Modula Lift.

The integration of Modula with robots is possible thanks to the Modula Link software, which allows communication between machines using a dedicated communication protocol. The multi-functionality of the robot enables, among others loading and unloading of items from pallets to the Modula and moving individual items and entire packages of various shapes thanks to dedicated grippers and suction cups, with which the robot arm can be equipped. The device can transfer articles from the rack to the conveyor for transport further away in the warehouse. Thanks to the use of a light curtain or a security scanner, the station ensures high work safety of people nearby.

Robot integrated with the Modula is an ideal solution for fast and error-free picking, and if necessary, it can be integrated with other machines, such as press brakes, lathes, milling machines or other CNC machines. The use of the robot gives tangible benefits in the form of an increase in the efficiency of the picking process, minimizing errors and mistakes, no need for employee training and ineffective work, which results into lower costs and a quick return on investment.