Production efficiency: optimising space, time and staff management with Modula automated warehouses

12 November 2019

This is one of the most important activities for a company, and impeccable management is indispensable for increasing income, maximising profits and improving production efficiency. The warehouse truly has a fundamental role within every business and managing it poorly can negatively impact its normal operation.

Warehouse and Industry 4.0: the evolution of logistics during this new Industrial Revolution

Especially during the past few years, where the world of logistics is evolving very rapidly and where the Industrial Revolution and Industry 4.0 are still being talked about, the warehouse can only assume an increasingly central position in a company, and this goes for both large scale and the smallest companies.

Because the National Industry 4.0 Plan offers tax breaks and financing that can be taken advantage of, more and more companies have decided to invest in warehouse automation and to focus on new technological solutions that allow them to optimise logistics procedures on the one hand and increase productivity and service levels on the other.

An increase in productivity often translates into the need to acquire new spaces for storing merchandise, employing new personnel to manage operations or even, in some cases, slowing down delivery times: a decision that could inevitably compromise already delicate relationships with existing partners. But there is another way to optimise logistics, increase profits and be competitive on the market, without necessarily employing extra staff: investing in automation and focussing on automated vertical warehouses.

Why focus on automation and invest in Modula automated vertical warehouses

If the aim is to get better logistics performance and greater production efficiency, investing capital in new technologies and on digitalising systems is certainly the best thing to do to get this result. Modula automated vertical warehouses can really make a difference.

Installing them doesn’t require upheaval of the entire logistics procedure and moreover, if appropriately integrated into the production processes, they can guarantee an enormous variety of advantages ranging from greater operational safety and drastic reduction in waste from a lean point of view.

Modula automated vertical warehouses: a good solution for increasing productive efficiency

Organising every stage of logistics activities in the smallest detail is fundamental for companies aiming to improve production efficiency and getting a competitive advantage in the long term; Modula automated warehouses can be the ideal solution for both objectives.

Apart from managing all merchandising, loading and unloading operations better, Modula automated vertical warehouses simplify work for the operators, who can get to the goods they are after much faster and move them without taking risks or making mistakes; to process orders faster; to optimise delivery times and thus also increase end customer satisfaction.

They are also flexible and ergonomic and adapt well to any sector, and this makes them a valuable ally to companies that want to achieve greater production efficiency.

Streamlining time, space and personnel management: this is why you should invest in Modula automated warehouses

From increasing safety standards to better stock management, from greater precision in storing and retrieving goods, to faster inventory management: Modula automated vertical warehouse strong points are many. But there are another three advantages connected to using them that cannot be underestimated and can turn out to be fundamental for all those companies that hope to achieve greater production efficiency in the not-so-long term. Here are three of the most important.

Who said that if a company wants to improve production efficiency they need to acquire new space to carry out normal logistics operations? The reality is that just by adopting on-the-spot solutions such as Modula automated vertical warehouses, existing space can be improved.

Unlike traditional ones, Modula automated warehouses let you store products vertically, so the amount of stock held is greater, handling picking and depositing goods more efficiently, while saving up to 90% of the floor space at the same time.

One great advantage to Modula automated warehouses is that a large variety of merchandise can be stored, from the smallest electronic components to the largest farm machinery spare parts, all very simple, safely and orderly, noticeably reducing clutter.

Essential for speeding up the handling, loading and picking of goods, Modula automated warehouses guarantee that the work will be carried out efficiently, without delaying delivery times.

Being able to implement merchandise storage by taking advantage of the automated warehouse potential guarantees notable time saving because the goods are much more accessible and easier to locate; and because they can also be tracked, finding them is much faster.

Thanks to Modula automated warehouses, picking operations are definitely easier and faster. Employees can also benefit because they no longer have to go inside the warehouse to deposit or remove goods: they stay where they are in their work stations (and in safety).

Another big advantage to Modula automated warehouses is they let production go ahead without having to employ more staff, considerably simplifying the jobs of those already employed, making them safer.

The warehouse’s structure ensures that employees work in total safety: the merchandise is easy to get to and does not need to be picked manually, using potentially dangerous machinery, for example ladders or forklifts.

Modula automated vertical warehouses have physical and photoelectric barriers that help make staff workstations even safer because there are assigned deposit and picking bays at optimal height so they don’t even have to lift or move particularly heavy materials.

In addition, if they are integrated with the Warehouse Management System software, which supports operative management of merchandise moving inside the storage area, the automated warehouses also allow each single good entering and leaving to be tracked, precision checking and knowing stock status in real time so inventory management can be consequently be improved.

Thanks to visual, intuitive and easy-to-use devices, operators can easily identify goods to be deposited or withdrawn, thus maximising inventory management and reducing the risk of making mistakes to a minimum.

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