Modula warehouse management system for the mechanical industry

Amer develops and designs AC and DC motors, geared motors, steering systems, complete traction systems for vehicles and battery-powered applications in Vicenza. Founded in 1974, it is now part of the Amer Group, a group of 8 companies and a brand that operates in an integrated manner and in multiple application sectors and all major markets. The company focused on the search for advanced automation for material handling in its production plant. The solution to achieve this involved a Modula vertical automatic warehouse, an AGV robot and integrated software.

Modula warehouses and AGV robots for a fully automated production department

Mindful of the successful implementation of Modula at other locations, Amer again chose a Modula ML75 to hold semi-finished products for automated processing, integrating it with other types of automation.

The warehouse is 6,100 mm high with 4,100 mm wide drawers that can each hold 750 kg.

The Modula receives the semi-finished products from a MiR robot and stores them for as long as necessary, from a few hours to a few days, before another MiR picks them up and transports them to another department to complete the job. The Modula is programmed to drop the drawer into the bay while the MiR walks towards it to pick up/store the material. The robot arrives, positions itself and scans the QR Code in front of the bay, picks up or deposits the semi-finished product and confirms the end of the operation, without the need for human intervention. All operations are coordinated by Amer’s software, the MiR and the Modula WMS warehouse management software.

From the outset, our goal was to have a fully automated storage system,” said Daniele Fontò, Amer’s Production Manager, “that is, unmanned and able to integrate dynamically with the production and shipping processes. Modula was the best solution not only for its storage capacity, but also for its handling potential”.

We are very satisfied with the project we developed together with Modula,” says Fontò, “it is an intelligent process innovation that can be implemented in the production departments of all companies”.